Our Facilities

Fine Balance Pilates opened in January 2003. We are the only fully equipped Pilates studio in Nanaimo. All of our Pilates equipment is from Balanced Body Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of Pilates equipment. We are equipped with Allegro Reformers, Core Aligns, Combo Chairs, Towers, Jump Boards, Pilates Rings, Rotator discs, Exercise Balls, BOSU balls, foam rollers, exercise mats, Core Pole, free weights, and many more exercise props!

Keiser Indoor Cycles was a new addition to our studio in 2009. We have twelve of Keiser’s award-winning M3 Indoor Cycles. Features include an adjustable Shimano Combo pedal, a four-way adjustable seat position, and a resistance system based on a magnetic field, allowing the cyclist a smoother and quieter ride. The M3 computer screen attached to each bike allows the rider to monitor RPM (cadence), power, heart rate, pedaling time, trip distance, and gear levels; the cyclist then benefits from a better overall and more effective workout. The participant receives immediate feedback on their ride, and can track on-going improvement.

Fine Balance Physiotherapy was also a new addition in 2009. This newly renovated space provides a private, comfortable rehabilitation setting. The treatment room is used for assessments, manual therapy treatment, and modalities. The gym space holds a treadmill, exercise ball, BOSU ball, wobble board, free weights, Theraband and tubing resistance, foam roller, soft tissue release balls, Pilates Studio Reformer, Pilates Tower, and Core Align. This allows us excellent space for one-on-one treatment, and one-on-one exercise prescription and guidance.

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