Pilates Mat

A unique pilates mat class that utilizes many different props, week by week. Foam rollers, pilates circle, pilates arc, therabands, orbits, to name a few of the equipment pieces that will be used in class.

Benefits include improved posture, muscle tone, strength and flexibility

Core Circuits

This class will shake you to the CORE! Using different equipment and exercise moves every week will make sure you target the core of your body in many ways!

Pilates Core

Combining the unique benefits of Swiss Ball, Bosu, and foam roller exercises and the Pilates principles of movement – this class will definitely improve your balance, coordination and flexibility as well as improve overall strength and posture.

Pilates Reformer

A progressive and challenging total body workout that will increase overall strength and muscle tone, improve balance, coordination and flexibility.
1 = for participants who have completed (or may be taken in conjunction with) introductory Pilates training (Private and/or Group training)

2 = intermediate level, for those who have completed a minimum of Intermediate Pilates Mat program or Reformer Level 1.
3 = advanced level of Reformer training, for those seeking greater challenges.

Power Spin

A great spinclass that focuses on power intervals/anaerobic training.

Body Blast

A total body conditioning class, incorporating H.I.I.T interval of strength with cardio to challenge your body and keep you moving!

Core, Roll, Release, + More

Class will focus on your core stabilization, joint mobility, and stability, using the Foam Roller and other techniques. MORE freedom to move is the goal!

Restorative Pilates

A gentle form of integrated Pilates movements on the Reformer and other equipment, with a relaxation segment. Designed for participants with movement limitations due to injury or health reasons.


A great combination class – 30 mins interval cardio training on Keiser Spin bikes and 30 mins on the Pilates reformer to strengthen core and improve mobility and flexibility.

Core Align Training

Try this unique way of training your core on our specialized equipment in a small group setting. Very personalized training works many systems – balance, co-ordination, strength, gait, cardio, flexibility, to name a few!

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