About Fine Balance

At our unique private studio setting, our dedication to the health of our clients has led us to an individualized treatment approach. We devote our full attention to our client during their visit – Physiotherapy and personal training appointments are one-on-one for the full thirty to sixty minutes. Pilates, group strength training, spin, and core stability classes are all small group classes, enabling the instructor to be attentive to proper form and technique with each and every participant.

We are the only location in Central Vancouver Island that utilizes Pilates in conjunction with Physiotherapy services. The Pilates approach emphasizes proper posture, core stabilization, ideal biomechanics, flexibility, and muscle balance, all of which compliment our Physiotherapy treatment goals. Our Physiotherapists will conduct a thorough assessment and make evidence-based treatment choices to help guide one through their Rehabilitation.

We became Physiotherapists and Pilates Instructors to help people – to help them understand their body and their injury, to help guide them through rehabilitation, and, ultimately, to help them be fit, active, feel good, and reach optimal health!

Educate, mobilize, and exercise is our path to help you achieve your goals – a system appropriate for all age groups and abilities! Experience a balanced body for life!

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